The Challenge of Being a Christian Man

It’s not easy to be a Christian Man today. Society exerts considerable pressure for men to think and behave in ways that are not Christ-like. We are not without defenses. The bible contains words of power and wisdom that can shield the Christian Man from evil. But without daily meditation and the support of like minded followers it is easy to fall prey to the workings of the Devil. This website serves men seeking inspiration and motivation to follow Jesus and live a life worthy of his sacrifice. If you’ve fallen, It’s ok. You can get back up. If you’re under attack by evil forces, hold on to God’s promise of protection. If you’re in recovery stay strong. If you’ve won a spiritual battle, help others by sharing your time and testimony.

Christian Mens’ Resources

Don’t think for a second that you are the only one who has a need. Don’t think for moment that you are weak if you can’t overcome a struggle. The devil uses fear and isolation to separate brothers in Christ and gloats in victory when we are feel embarrassed to seek help. Check out these organizations below that help Christian men grow in their faith.

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Martin S. Anno May 22, 2012 at 8:50 am

I am a Ghanaian and a man of 62 years and one of the pre-marriage counsellors of my Church.I am not a trained counsellor and would like be trained to enable me take up all manner of counselling in the marriage institution.I would like to know how best you could be of help to me to enable me undertake that task.I hope to hear from you soon.Thanks and may the Lord be with you.


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